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Showdown of Legendary Legends
 Armored Li Armored Ping Baby Po Bao Crane Gorilla Soldier
 Jombie Porcupine Kai Li Master Bear Master Boar Master Chicken
 Master Croc Master Storming Ox Mei Mei Monkey Mr. Ping Oogway
 Po Shen Shifu Soothsayer Su Wu Tai Lung
 Tigress Vachir Warrior Po Wolf Boss
Storyline of Soothsayer
Blessed with second sight and a generous heart, the Soothsayer is a prisoner of both. Once nanny to a sickly young peacock named Shen, she found herself giving him what his parents withheld -- love. She found that her love tempered the young peacock's growing ambition. Soothsayer's rather morbid sense of humor is on full display in her rather unlikely fighting style. Although she looks incapable of combat, she swings a mean cane, and manages to humiliate even the most skilled opponent with a well-placed poke or smack. She's also been known to chomp the occasional tunic. (She's a goat. It's her way.)

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