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Star Gladiator Series

"Episode I: Final Crusade"
Orochi Iori (Capcom vs SNK 2) says...
I... I'll... slash... you... apart...
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Star Gladiator Saga
Codename: Star Gladiator
Star Gladiator Endings

Storyline of Vector
(During 2348)
Vector is a prototype assassin robot created by Bilstein as a final weapon to invade Earth. Vector assisted Bilstein's jail break on Planet Zeta by destroying an entire unit of the Earth Federation army. Vector's metal allow chassis protects him from internal circuit damage, and he is equipped with a powerful laser beam rifle, which draws energy from his built-in Plasma Power generator.
Storyline of Vector
"Exterminate all humans..." This was the mission assigned to the unfeelingmachine, Vector. And now, he has achieved the ultimate: "Mission complete"
Whispering in a small voice, Vector ceases all operation,
as if he has fallen asleep... But if any foolish human
sets foot on this planet again, he'll wake up and
crush them with his robotic might.
It's as if Vector is the guardian of a god's sanctuary.
As he sleeps quietly, small birds fly around cheerfully,
unmindful of the powerful behemoth who lies
incapacitated in their midst.

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