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"Episode I: Final Crusade"
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Saturn Dyer
Storyline of Saturn Dyer
(During 2348)
A mysterious street performer, Saturn was formerly engaged in research far more advanced than anything on Earth. Intending to turn down a new assignment to research life on Earth, Saturn realized it was an opportunity to perform in a a new theater, his all-consuming hobby. Although he was forbidden to interact with humans, Saturn caught the act of a street yo-yo artist and was amazed and intrigued by the precision and possibilites of the Earth yo-yo. While perfecting his performance skills, Saturn developed the yo-yo into an accurate and deadly weapon. With his new skills Saturn decided to desert his former home planet and join Star Gladiator.
Saturn Dyer
Storyline of Saturn Dyer
Back at the United Force base, the General thanks
Saturn for a job well done. Saturn looks at the General,
smiles, and says, "This whole Fourth Empire thing wasn't a part of my mission. Since you used me, I believe that it is in my planet's best interest not to share any information between our two worlds." With the General speechless, Saturn leans forward and
whispers into his ear, "However,I do believe that
we can work something out...". A few days later at the
Pompedo center in Paris...Saturn is entertaining
people on the streets, surrounded by a crowd
of people. "I am a lean and mean Super
Hero machine..."

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