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Star Gladiator Series

"Episode I: Final Crusade"
Shuutai Youhei (Koihime Enbu) says...
I'm not kind enough to let you win.
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Star Gladiator Saga
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June Lin Milliam
Storyline of June Lin Milliam
(During 2348)
June is one of the most talented gymnasts in the world. Born and raised in Hong Kong, June and her parents are forced to leave when a violent revolution breaks out in mainland China. They immigrate to England where June's father can only find work in a lab run by Dr. Edward Bilstein. A lab accident kills her father, while her devestated mother passes away soon after. She investigates the lab and discovers the "accident" was engineered by Bilstein as a cover-up. She is consumed with hatred for Bilstein so she joins Star Gladiator to avenge her parents.
June Lin Milliam
Storyline of June Lin Milliam
After defeating Bilstein, June returns home to visit the picture of her deceased parents. "I have finally avenged you. For so many years, all I felt was vengeance and now I feel... nothing. Finally you can
rest in peace...Since I have nothing left, I will join you
soon". With that, June takes a bottle of drugs off her
desk and raises it to her mouth. Suddenly, Hayato slams open her front door..."Don't do it June! Don't leave us like your mom left you. Saturn, Gamof, and I need you! Don't you see that you've got a new family now?" As his
words slowly warm her frozen heart she says,"W...what
are you talking about Hayato?! This is just cough
medicine." With that, June runs into the
arms of Hayato... Behind her, June's parents
smile from their picture.

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