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Star Gladiator Series

"Episode I: Final Crusade"
Cody Travers (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
The only thing that doesn't change is the excitement of the fight.
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Star Gladiator Saga
Codename: Star Gladiator
Star Gladiator Endings

Hayato Kanzaki
Storyline of Hayato Kanzaki
(During 2348)
Hayato, abandoned by his parents as a child, was found wandering the streets of Neo-Tokyo by the owner of an orphanage. She raised Hayato as well as many other disadvantaged children, but in doing so she fell deeply into debt. As an adult his sole mission in life was helping her get out of debt. Unable to find other work, he reluctantly became a bounty hunter to raise money.
Hayato's strong sense of justice turned him against the life of a bounty hunter, which frequently leads to criminal behavior. He believes he's found the solution when he discovers an ad offering a huge reward to join a project called Star Gladiator.

Hayato Kanzaki
Storyline of Hayato Kanzaki
One month later, Hayato returned to the orphanage only to find the director closing its doors. While looking at the rolls of money inside Hayato's hands, her emotions were torn between love and hate. As Hayato realized this, he
smiled and said, "Don't be mad! I promise to reform myself from now on." So filled with her mixed emotions, all the director could say was, "You're going to give me a
heart attack!" Embarrassed by this Hayato
quickly replied, "But if you die...I'll never

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