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Star Gladiator Series

"Episode I: Final Crusade"
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Star Gladiator Saga
Codename: Star Gladiator
Star Gladiator Endings

Storyline of Gore
(During 2348)
Gore was born in Bali, Indonesia to a very large family. His talent for mind tricks and magic made him a arole model for his many brothers and sisters. The Gajah name was already associated with black magic since his father performed exorcism and invoked spells. But Gore grew to fame on his own from his unusually strong supernatural powers, such as growing to unbelievable heights and his command of a mysterious staff. Gore joins Bilstein to continue his studies of Plasma Wizardry.
Storyline of Gore
"Sorry fools, but I'm bored of messing around with this
Fourth Empire game. No challenge! Why did I even
waste my time?" Conquering Earth meant
nothing to Gore. He just wanted to play with
his favorite new toy--
the human race.
"Well, how can I amuse myself
now? Can I play a new game with them? Oh, maybe I should
burn them!" Where is Gore's insane
desire leading him?
Only one thing is certain.
When next he stands on the Earth's ground, humans will
face the real demon.

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