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Soul Edge Saga
Soul Calibur

Siegfried Schtauffen
Storyline of Siegfried Schtauffen
No one knows when the knight in azure armor first appeared in Europe. It was said that those who saw this knight's crimson eyes could not escape death.

The grotesquely shaped sword in his hand appeared as if enraptured when bathed in the blood of the living. And then there were the grotesque monsters that followed him...

Seasoned knights and armies equipped with the latest firearms were no match for it, as the nightmarish horde cut a path of destruction and horror through towns and villages.


Siegfried barely hung on to his sanity by supressing the memory of him killing his father.

He obtained Soul Edge to avenge what cannot be avenged, only to become enslaved by it instead.

Many years passed during which time his soul was consumed by the demonic blade, and he eventually came to be known as Nightmare. The resurrection of his father Frederick succedded at last, but he discovered it was a mere illusion created by his weak soul.

Admonished by the illusion of his father, he accepted responsibility for his sins by relinquishing ownership of Soul Edge. As penance for his sins, Siegfried now travels around the world to destroy any evil left by the demonic blade.

Siegfried Schtauffen
Storyline of Siegfried Schtauffen
Siegfried had played host to Soul Calibur, and ultimately, destroyed Soul Edge. After that epic battle, the knight returned home and enjoyed a brief period of peace. But deep down he knew his work was not over; the cursed sword's minions - the malfested - remained a serious threat. Realizing he couldn't stop them alone, Siegfried gathered his staunchest allies to reform his old mercenary group, Schwarzwind.

One day, after more than a decade of service protecting humanity from the malfested, Siegfried discovers that Soul Calibur had transformed into a new one-handed sword - a clear harbinger of Soul Edge's return. A new champion to wield Soul Edge would need to be found; Siegfried assigned the task to Z.W.E.I., a wandering swordsman who had joined his mercenary group.

"So... the time has come..."

Soul Calibur, like Soul Edge, possessed dangerous power. Siegfried quietly awaited the one who would be worthy to wield it.

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