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Soul Edge Saga
Soul Calibur

Hwang Seong-gyeong
Storyline of Hwang Seong-gyeong
Rumor of an impending invasion of his homeland reached Hwang during his quest for Soul Edge, the "Sword of Salvation." He immediately cut short his quest and returned to his country, but not before dragging home Seung Mina, the runaway daughter of his master Seung Han Myong.

Not long after Hwang joined the Coastal Defense Force, he received news that Mina had run away from home again. Irritated by the news, Hwang lost his better judgement and caused his men to fall into a pirate's trap, resulting in the loss of many lives.

Hwang's superior, Admiral Lee Sun Shin, dismissed him from the Coastal Defense Force for his debacle and gave him a new set of orders. To aid his good friend, Seung Han Myong, Lee ordered Hwang to search for Mina under the guise of seeking the Sword of Salvation.

Hwang immediately understood the true nature of the Admiral's orders and departed for the West again.

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