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Soul Edge Saga
Soul Calibur

Storyline of Maxi
Maxi was carefree pirate from the Ryukyu Kingdom who travelled to wherever the winds would take him. One day, while anchored at an Indian port, his ship came under attack during his absence by a horde of monsters led by Astaroth.

By coincidence, Kilik was there as well, and so they both joined in the battle against the horde. After a fierce battle, they repelled the monsters, but not before one of them snatched the Dvapara-Yuga away from Kilik. Kilik lost his sense of reason and attacked Maxi.

Maxi barely succeded in supressing Kilik, but by then the monsters that massacred his sworn brother Kyam and many of his crew were nowhere to be seen...

Having lost all that he held dear, Maxi chose to travel with Kilik and swore an oath of revenge against Astaroth.

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