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Fatal Fury Series

Xianghua (Soul Calibur) says...
I've got to win!
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Rock Howard

Win Quote vs. CPU Butt
I admire your directness.

Win Quote vs. CPU Hokutomaru
Shiranui Ninja arts? That sounds familiar...

Win Quote vs. CPU Kim Dong Hwan
I have a violent pedigree. Unlike your family, pal!

Win Quote vs. CPU Kim Jae Hoon
You respect your father? You're nothing like me.

Win Quote vs. CPU Rock
Stop aping me! It's so pathetic!

Win Quote vs. Grant (player controlled) or after winning with Raging Storm or Deadly Rave
Why does my evil blood boil?

Win Quote vs. Kain (player controlled)
I am what I am! No one can tie me down!

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