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Fatal Fury Series

a.k.a. Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special (JPN)
Huitzil (Vampire Savior) says...
Enemy is destroyed. Unable to continue fighting:
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Franco Bash
Win Quote
Whaaaa! Junior!

Win Quote vs. Andy/Bob
A nice guy. A nice fight!

Win Quote vs. Billy
Billy, you'll eat that coudge!

Win Quote vs. Chonrei/Chonshu
What a cute little guy!

Win Quote vs. Franco
Wow, you're durably built!

Win Quote vs. Geese
You're mine, Geese!

Win Quote vs. Joe
Oh, you crazy monkey-man, you!

Win Quote vs. Krauser
You're... perfect!

Win Quote vs. Laurence
Olé, Laurence!

Win Quote vs. Mai/Blue Mary
Sorry, cutey!

Win Quote vs. Terry
One more time, Terry!

Win Quote vs. Yamazaki
Yamazaki! You're a dead man!

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