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Marvel vs Capcom Series

Ragna the Bloodedge (BlazBlue) says...
Take a good look. This is the Azure!
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DHC second tag
I got this.

DHC third tag
It's over.

Entry (one teammate down)
I'm on it!

Entry (two teammates down)
Guess it's just me.

Match Start vs. Captain America
Them Cap's Kooky Quartet days are over, old man.

Match Start vs. Frank West
Lights. Camera. Ass kicking.

Victory vs. Captain America
Man, I should be leading the Avengers...

Victory vs. Crimson Viper
Black Widow, you ain't.

Victory vs. female opponent
Ha ha ha ha! Not today, sweetheart!

Win Quote vs. Wolverine
You fought like an old man, Logan.

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