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Can't turn down a fan!


Defeat vs. Beowulf
It was an honor...

Defeat vs. Cerebella
She stole my act.

Defeat vs. Double
I've been... replaced...

Defeat vs. Double
What... are you?...

Defeat vs. Filia
I hate... split ends!...

Defeat vs. Ms. Fortune
I was robbed!

Defeat vs. Painwheel
She's just... too strong...

Defeat vs. Painwheel
You're just... a puppet...

Defeat vs. Painwheel
You're just... too strong...

Defeat vs. Parasoul
I can't believe it...

Defeat vs. Peacock
What's... wrong with you?

Defeat vs. Valentine
You can't win!...

Defeat vs. Valentine
Call a... doctor.

Diamond Deflector
Lookin' good!

Diamond Deflector
Back at 'cha!

Infinite break
I outta your league!

Infinite break
Hands off!

Match Start
Hang onto your hat!

Match Start vs. Beowulf
After this, can I have your autograph?

Match Start vs. Big Band
Time to bust open a can of you!

Match Start vs. Big Band/Ms. Fortune
You can has cheeseburger!

Match Start vs. Double
You do a killer impression!

Match Start vs. Eliza
I don't see why Vitale trusts you.

Match Start vs. Eliza
Don't mess with the Medici!

Match Start vs. Filia
Headgear is my gimmick!

Match Start vs. Painwheel
I looooove a good freakshow!

Match Start vs. Parasoul
Do I have the right to remain violent?

Match Start vs. Robo-Fortune
How do I keep getting into fights with cats?

Gonna take ya for a ride!

'Round and 'round we go!

Step right up!

Next act!

Take a hike!

Reaction Shot
No autographs!

On the ropes!...

Lucky shot!


Watch the face!

No way!

I've had worse.

Tag In from Filia
About time, mop top!

Tag In from Ms. Fortune
Run out of lives, kitty?

Tag In from Painwheel
What's wrong, winding down?

Tag In from Parasoul
Just don't arrest me!

Tag In from Parasoul
Party's over!

Tag Out
Go get 'em!

Tag Out

Tag Out with Double
Stunt double!

Tag Out with Filia
You're up, headcase!

Tag Out with Valentine
Flatline 'em!

Ultimate Showstopper
Here... we... go!

Ultimate Showstopper
Get ready for a show stopper!

Ultimate Showstopper
And now for something spectacular!

Hats off to me!

How tragic!

Victory vs. Big Band
I wonder if he's recyclable...

Victory vs. Cerebella
The one, the only... Cerebella!

Victory vs. Double
Accept no imitations!

Victory vs. Eliza
The Medicis don't need you!

Victory vs. Filia
The new 'do isn't you!

Victory vs. Marie
That's how you clean house!

Victory vs. Ms. Fortune
I'm a diamond you can't steal.

Victory vs. Parasoul
Shoulda called for backup.

Victory vs. Peacock
Learn from the best.

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