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Egrets, get ready!


Defeat vs. Cerebella
Just a common thug.

Defeat vs. Double
What are you?...

Defeat vs. Filia
You're... being used.

Defeat vs. Ms. Fortune

Defeat vs. Parasoul

Defeat vs. Peacock
Test successful.

Defeat vs. Valentine
Lousy... traitor.

Defeat vs. Valentine
You took... an oath.

Inferno Brigade
Egrets, assemble.

Inferno Brigade
Weapons free.

Match Start
Target confirmed.

Match Start
This ends... now.

Match Start
For my kingdom.

Match Start
En garde!

Match Start
After you, Krieg.

Match Start
Egrets, dispatch.

Match Start vs. Big Band
Vigilante justice is unneccessary.

Match Start vs. Cerebella
I've got a message for your boss.

Match Start vs. Double
What sort of nightmare is this?

Match Start vs. Filia
Back to school, little girl!

Match Start vs. Ms. Fortune
You're under arrest. Come peacefully.

Match Start vs. Painwheel
You poor girl. I never authorized this.

Match Start vs. Peacock
Let's test your abilities.

Match Start vs. Robo-Fortune
Who would make such a thing, and why?

Match Start vs. Squigly
I have no time for the arts.

Match Start vs. Valentine
I'll show you how we deal with traitors.

Motor Brigade
Black Egrets... charge!

Motor Brigade
Egrets, roll out!

Get out.


Cheap shot...

I won't fail!

Don't get cocky.

It's too much...

Silent Scope
Take the shot.

Silent Scope
Ready, Number 13.

Tag Out

Tag Out with Double
Come, demon!

Tag Out with Filia
Front and centre!

Tag Out with Valentine
This doesn't make us friends.


Victory vs. Cerebella
Your boss won't be so merciful.

Victory vs. Filia
Threat neutralised.

Victory vs. Marie
Objective complete.

Victory vs. Ms. Fortune
Call the canine squad.

Victory vs. Painwheel
I'm sorry...

Victory vs. Painwheel
Nobody deserves this.

Victory vs. Parasoul
A pathetic imposter...

Victory vs. Peacock
Back to the drawing board!

Victory vs. Squigly
What a tragedy.

Victory vs. Valentine
Winners don't use drugs!

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