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Ms. Fortune
Air Throw
You're grounded.

Cat Call
Here body, body!

Cat Call
Headin' home!

Cat Call
Dinner time!

Cat Scratch Fever
Purrzerker Furrage!

Cat Scratch Fever
You go, girl!

Cat Scratch Fever
Out-of-body experience!

Cat Scratch Fever
Wow, I'm clawsome!

Cat Scratch Fever
Scratch 'n burn!

Cat Scratch Fever
Feline fury!

A purfect plaything!

Feeling clawstrophopic?

I'm having a ball!

Defeat vs. Cerebella
Sorry, gang...

Defeat vs. Cerebella
Better this way.

Defeat vs. Double
Can't... fail them!

Defeat vs. Marie
So... close...

Defeat vs. Ms. Fortune
How unfortunate.

Defeat vs. Peacock
Stupid feather duster!

Defeat vs. Squigly
Thought you... were different.

Defeat vs. Squigly
But we're... the same...

Defeat vs. Valentine
No... no!

Match Start
I'm on the prowl!

Match Start vs. Beowulf
Who let the dog out?

Match Start vs. Big Band
Does punching you count as beatboxing?

Match Start vs. Eliza
You're seriously creeping meowt!

Match Start vs. Filia
Nice hairball.

Match Start vs. Ms. Fortune

Match Start vs. Painwheel
You're a weal pain!

Match Start vs. Peacock
Sufferin' succotash!

Match Start vs. Squigly
You two seem thick as thieves.

Match Start vs. Valentine
I think you're looking for a lab...rat.



Reaction Shot
No petting!

Tag In from Cerebella
Tough crowd...

Tag In from Painwheel
Spinning out of control?

Tag In from Peacock
Bye-bye birdie!

Tag Out
Help meowout!

Tag Out
Catnap time!

Tag Out
I want chicken!

Tag Out with Cerebella
I need a hand.

Tag Out with Double
Toil and trouble!

Tag Out with Parasoul

Tag Out with Valentine
I want liver!

The 5th of Dismember
Get ready for a surprise...

I'm a rescue.

Victory vs. Cerebella
Yo' bosses are next!

Victory vs. Filia
Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Victory vs. Marie
Total eclipse of the heart!

Victory vs. Marie
Nyeow's my chance!

Victory vs. Ms. Fortune
You're tearing us apaaaart!

Victory vs. Peacock
You had me in stitches!

Victory vs. Squigly
Give her a round of a-paws!

Victory vs. Valentine
Try studying someone else!

Victory vs. Valentine
Claws and effect!

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