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Win Quote vs. Abel
(Dogs, you like? How about ninja dogs, yes?)

Win Quote vs. Akuma
(Evil demon, you must be! From my sword, a sweet purr comes...)

Win Quote vs. Alisa
(Crafted by the good doctor himself, you must be! His fine attention to detail, I notice vividly!)

Win Quote vs. Asuka
(Monster, you dare call the leader of the Manji clan!? Unforgivable!)

Win Quote vs. Balrog
(Savage brute! Be gone!)

Win Quote vs. Bison
(At my feet, the dictator lies... Accept your fate, you shall...)

Win Quote vs. Blanka
(Nature's great power, I now truly know!)

Win Quote vs. Bob
(Your speed, your frame betrays! The result of your hard training, is it?)

Win Quote vs. Bryan
(No matter how many times I cut you down, it is simply not enough!)

Win Quote vs. Cammy
(A novice, you dare call the leader of the Manji clan?)

Win Quote vs. Christie
(Eddy? That name I do not know.)

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
(A beautiful sight, those legs are!)

Win Quote vs. Cody
(To help others, your kind, devout heart yearns.)

Win Quote vs. Cole
(Not conserving electricity, you are! An enemy to the environment, I declare!)

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
(Fire elements!? Already reached your limits, I see...)

Win Quote vs. Dudley
(Waited long to meet someone of your honor, have I!)

Win Quote vs. Elena
(This world flows like your great river, and from this world, depart you must...)

Win Quote vs. Guile
(Like you I shall cut down a thousand soldiers, yes...)

Win Quote vs. Guy
(Yes, part of the Bushinryu clan, you are! As expected, a fine display you have shown me!)

Win Quote vs. Heihachi
(Your sinful ways, for how long will you hold on to them?)

Win Quote vs. Hugo
(Never float or swim in the water with that body, you will! Kekeke...)

Win Quote vs. Hwoarang
(Necessary, strength is. But finely crafted techniques, you have forgotten.)

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
(Kunimitsu!? Oh, mistaken I was. Sorry.)

Win Quote vs. Jack-X
(How magnificent this world is! A man of valor, now steel!)

Win Quote vs. Jin
(With your inner demons, still in conflict are you? Too late to help, am I?)

Win Quote vs. Julia
(My sword, you wish to examine!? Inexcusable!)

Win Quote vs. Juri
(A work of art, that eye is... Take it for myself, I shall...)

Win Quote vs. Kazuya
(Your family affairs, kept in private they should be. Witness your family's follies, we won't see.)

Win Quote vs. Ken
(A family you love, do you have not? To them go back you should...)

Win Quote vs. King
(Mere bluff, that mask is! Pitiful!)

Win Quote vs. Kuma
(Wish to join the Manji clan's animal surveillance corps, do you? Yes?)

Win Quote vs. Kuro
(Assist me as a ninja cat, you will? Your power, of great use it is to me.)

Win Quote vs. Lars
(Young one... To lose sight of your goal now, you cannot. Continue to fight, you must...)

Win Quote vs. Law
(To repay all one's debts in a single stroke... Hmm, yes... Only more debts, does that lead to...)

Win Quote vs. Lei
(The people who require your protection, you cannot hope to save.)

Win Quote vs. Lili
(Deceiving, your appearance is. Stronger than you look, you are.)

Win Quote vs. Marduk
(Power used merely for show... No worth that has to me...)

Win Quote vs. Mega Man
(Take caution, old man, for your maker is I…)

Win Quote vs. Nina
(An assassin, you are? Assassinate a young, squealing duck, you could not!)

Win Quote vs. Ogre
(Any further use of your blood, I have not... However... To allow you to survive... I cannot...)

Win Quote vs. Pac-Man
(Oooh! To have a match with the likes of you, an honor it is!)

Win Quote vs. Paul
(A mere dream, your hopes of becoming the greatest fighter in the universe are.)

Win Quote vs. Poison
(Freshly-recruited kunoichi, you are? Hmm, perplexing.)

Win Quote vs. Raven
(Superior, my ninja arts are! Into the very fiber of your being, I shall drill that notion!)

Win Quote vs. Rolento
(The ideal nation? Surely known as the Manji clan!)

Win Quote vs. Rufus
(Hindrance to body and soul, your senseless chatter is!)

Win Quote vs. Ryu
(My sword is resonating with your fist!?)

Win Quote vs. Sagat
(Prepared for death, you were! Respect, I give you!)

Win Quote vs. Sakura
(Taken in as part of the Manji clan, you shall be!)

Win Quote vs. Steve
(Nicely honed, your technique is. But brittle a sword becomes after too much sharpening.)

Win Quote vs. Toro
(A cute kitten, you are! Become part of the Manji clan's animal surveillance corps, you will?)

Win Quote vs. Vega
(Crushed by their own love, those who love themselves too much will be...)

Win Quote vs. Xiaoyu
(Tainted by the evil spirit, you are not. No further use of you, I have...)

Win Quote vs. Yoshimitsu
(Take my appearance, you do! Impossible! From the Manji village, are you!?)

Win Quote vs. Zangief
(Fantastic physique! Like a proud statue from the northern lands, you are!)