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Grovel before me!

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Face your nightmare.

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Boiling... My blood's BOILING!

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I won't allow it...!

For me, it was a Tuesday.

Nothing but garbage.

Win Quote Vs Alisa
Puppets with no strings are nothing more than scrap iron!

Win Quote Vs Blanka
I have done many things, but I’m certainly not responsible for creating something as ridiculous as you.

Win Quote Vs Bryan
If you have a death wish, you’ve come to the right place!

Win Quote Vs Christie
Never let it be said that Bison is unkind. If I meet your friend, I’ll send him to hell to meet you there!

Win Quote Vs Cody
The price for defying Lord Bison is death. Do not think I will allow you to die painlessly.

Win Quote Vs Dudley
Did you really think such pitiful attacks could even lay a scratch on me? Fool, know your place!

Win Quote Vs Elena
Such nonsense! The earth, the grass, the wind… All are under my control!

Win Quote Vs Guy
Bushinryu…truly pathetic. Don’t even bother groveling for your life!

Win Quote Vs JACK-X
Hmm… If mass produced, I may have some use for this toy.

Win Quote Vs Lars
Hmph. You and your ideals can go straight to hell!

Win Quote Vs Lei
I admire your bravery in your attempt on taking me on. Or is it stupidity?

Win Quote Vs Sakura
What an interesting little girl… You could be put to good use as a doll.

Win Quote vs. Abel
Oh, you're still alive? Interesting. It may prove useful to conduct further tests on you.

Win Quote vs. Akuma
Not even the Satsui no Hado compares to my Psycho Power!

Win Quote vs. Alisa
Puppets with no strings are nothing more than scrap iron!

Win Quote vs. Asuka
Noisy brat! It is never too early to learn the depths of despair! Let Bison be your teacher!

Win Quote vs. Balrog
Did you think you could get a raise by besting me in battle? You're lucky I pay you at all!

Win Quote vs. Bison
Only I am fit to rule this world!

Win Quote vs. Bob
"Perfect body," you say? Hmph! You know nothing of the sort.

Win Quote vs. Cammy
I have no use for defective dolls. Time for you to return to nothingness.

Win Quote vs. Chun-Li
All you women ever do is whine! I killed my father too, and you don't see me crying about it!

Win Quote vs. Cole
That power of yours is intriguing… Become a part of Shadaloo and I’ll put it to good use.

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
You believe in the wrong god. I'm right here.

Win Quote vs. Guile
What's the matter, Guile? Came here expecting to fight a mere mortal? Bison is far beyond you!

Win Quote vs. Heihachi
Decrepit old fool, this place shall be your grave!

Win Quote vs. Hugo
Bwa ha ha ha! I can hear the sound of your bones breaking! Yes! This is delicious!

Win Quote vs. Hwoarang
Hmm? What happened to your petty threats, boy? Did you wet your pants in fear?

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
Scamper away before Bison teaches you the true meaning of fear, little girl!

Win Quote vs. Jin
Don't hold back, release your Devil form! Give me a true challenge!

Win Quote vs. Julia
There is no hope in my world. Only the never-ending nightmare!

Win Quote vs. Juri
It would seem that only having power in one eye isn't good enough. Shall I gouge out the other for you?

Win Quote vs. Kazuya
Even the Devil Gene bows before the might of Psycho Power!

Win Quote vs. Ken
Know your place, you pitiful insect!

Win Quote vs. King
Your moves are nothing but show. You never had a chance against my Psycho Power!

Win Quote vs. Kuma
Man or beast, all is subject to my control! Regret your trespasses against me!

Win Quote vs. Kuro
A talking cat will not unhinge the mighty Bison!

Win Quote vs. Law
Hopeless trash! I have better things to do than to entertain the likes of you.

Win Quote vs. Lili
So, I heard you have a father... Bison can take care of that.

Win Quote vs. Marduk
Someone with a mouth like yours has yet to feel true pain. Allow me to correct this.

Win Quote vs. Mega Man
You will soon learn that having bothered me was the worst mistake of your life.

Win Quote vs. Nina
I may have some use for you... Pledge your allegiance to me, and I may let you live.

Win Quote vs. Ogre
On raw power alone, you are impressive, but not nearly enough to compare to me.

Win Quote vs. Pac-Man
The power to consume the living with death… that is true Psycho Power!

Win Quote vs. Paul
If you wish to become the best fighter in hell, I will help to send you there!

Win Quote vs. Poison
I have no time to entertain the likes of you.

Win Quote vs. Raven
Calculate all you want, the result will always be the same! You cannot defeat the mighty Lord Bison!

Win Quote vs. Rolento
You and your entire army are nothing but trash before me. Prepare for your annihilation!

Win Quote vs. Rufus
Even in defeat, your mouth knows no end... In that case, I will silence you forever.

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Kneel before me and I may forgive your insolence. ...Decide quickly.

Win Quote vs. Sagat
It is I who no longer has any use for you. A loser will never be a king.

Win Quote vs. Steve
Tremble in fear before my might! Die as you are paralyzed with terror!

Win Quote vs. Toro
Do you also possess the Satsui no Hado…?

Win Quote vs. Vega
Sneaking around behind my back is the fool's way to a painful and agonizing death!

Win Quote vs. Xiaoyu
Caring for others is a waste of time. You should worry about the fear I am going to instill in you!

Win Quote vs. Yoshimitsu
Your sword has an interesting power... but I have no use for it. It's time for you to perish.

Win Quote vs. Zangief
Take your pride for your country with you to the afterlife!