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Match Start vs. Dante/Deadpool/Viewtiful Joe/Spider-Man
Why do you laugh in the face of your own destruction?

Match Start vs. Super Skrull
I remember your homeworld. It was delicious.

Match Start vs. Thor/Amaterasu/Shuma-Gorath
If you can be a god, then what shall we call Galactus?

Victory vs. Dante/Deadpool/Viewtiful Joe/Spider-Man
Where is your laughter now?

Victory vs. Super Skrull
You and your race are a dying breed.

Victory vs. Thor/Amaterasu/Shuma-Gorath
I am not without mercy. You may serve as my herald.

When Attacking
You are defeated.

When Attacking
You are broken.

When Attacking
I am a force of nature.

When Attacking

When Attacking

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