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Touhou Fighters Series

a.k.a. Touhou Hisouten
"Eastern Skies of Scarlet Perceptions"
Jann Lee (Dead or Alive 6) says...
Looks fun. Give it your all!
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Komachi Onozuka

Win Quote vs. Aya Shameimaru (translation patch)
Ooh, the breadth of the Sanzu River.... This is interesting news.

Win Quote vs. Reimu Hakurei (translation patch)
The shrine's destroyed, so does that mean you're slacking off?

Win Quote vs. Sakuya Izayoi (translation patch)
From cooking to washing, cleaning to battling, you're quite hard working.

Win Quote vs. Suika Ibuki (translation patch)
Oh, I smell sake. Can't work any more, nope.

Win Quote vs. Tenshi Hinanawi (translation patch)
It's time for a pleasant life!

Win Quote vs. Yukari Yakumo (translation patch)
If I took you on my boat, I wonder how long I'd have to row?

Win Quote vs. Yuyuko Saigyouji (translation patch)
The seasons in the Netherworld sure are interesting.

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