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Suika Ibuki

Win Quote vs. Hong Meiling (translation patch)
Your chi can't beat my chi. I AM chi.

Win Quote vs. Marisa Kirisame (translation patch)
Humans are so helpless. I could win with only my ring finger.

Win Quote vs. Reimu Hakurei (translation patch)
Where were you? If you don't feel like fighting it's not fun.

Win Quote vs. Remilia Scarlet (translation patch)
No matter how fast you move, it's useless. You'll always be on Buddha's palm.

Win Quote vs. Sakuya Izayoi (translation patch)
To be honest... I feel like I'm picking on a weakling.

Win Quote vs. Yukari Yakumo (translation patch)
What's wrong today? You're not your usual self.

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