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Marisa Kirisame
Win Quote (translation patch)
Hardly a challenge. I'm always serious, though.

Win Quote (translation patch)
There's... nothing dangerous at all.

Win Quote vs. Alice Margatroid (translation patch)
......moving dolls are sorta creepy.

Win Quote vs. Patchouli Knowledge (translation patch)
If you don't use your magic efficiently, you'll cancel it out, you know?

Win Quote vs. Reimu Hakurei (translation patch)
Ah, you lack discipline. Should I show you to a waterfall?

Win Quote vs. Remilia Scarlet (translation patch)
You're alone today? Don't tell me you got lost.

Win Quote vs. Sakuya Izayoi (translation patch)
Tea time, tea time. Even if we have coffee, it's tea time.

Win Quote vs. Youmu Konpaku (translation patch)
A sword... can't beat my firepower. Since it's metal, you know?

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