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Psychic Force Series

a.k.a. サイキックフォース
Zangief (X-Men vs Street Fighter) says...
I've got nothing to say except... You suck!
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Emilio Michaelov
Win Quote vs. Brad Kirsten (Story Mode)
Why does it have to come to this? I can't stand it!

Win Quote vs. Gates Oltman (Story Mode)
I didn't wanna fight. Why? Why does this happen to me?

Win Quote vs. Genma Rikudoh (Story Mode)
Not again. This power, this disgusting power!

Win Quote vs. Keith Evans (Story Mode)
It's because of this ability, this power. Why me?

Win Quote vs. Sonia (Story Mode)
Why do we have to fight each other?

Win Quote vs. Wendy Ryan (Story Mode)
Why wouldn't you leave me alone?

Win Quote vs. Wong (Story Mode)
Oh no! Again, my hands are stained with blood!

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