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Galaxy Fight
"Universal Warriors"
Rolf (Galaxy Fight) says...
What on earth are you doing in a place like this anyway? Can't trust you at all, kid.
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Pending Submissions
(CPU) Before Battle with G. Done
Something dubious...Show me what you really are.

(CPU) Before Battle with Gunter
Why don't you crawl back in your hole and die?

(CPU) Before Battle with Roomi
Just looking at you makes me sick.

(CPU) Defeated by Alvan
To be done in by a mere kid...

(CPU) Defeated by Musafar
Your beautiful...

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Alvan
Baby, your mom's calling you.

(CPU) Win Quote vs. G. Done
Just dubious, and that's it.

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Gunter
Begone, you monster.

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Kazuma
Ha! you're weak. Just like I said.

Before Battle (hold C)
I'll do it. ...Don't blink your eyes.

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