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G. Done
(CPU) Before Battle with Alvan
Hey kid, wanna play with me?

(CPU) Before Battle with Gunter
I got somethin' fer you ya big lizard.

(CPU) Before Battle with Juri
You lookin' for a partner to tango with?

(CPU) Before Battle with Roomi
What'cha got to lose, besides yer life, eh?

(CPU) Defeated by Gunter
Whoa, you too big! back off, man!

(CPU) Defeated by Kazuma
Shoot! I can't believe you man!

(CPU) Defeated by Musafar
Shoot! Ya pile 'a scrap metal!

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Juri
What about me? Pretty impressive, eh?

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Musafar
Want me to call a wrecker, 'ya pile 'a junk!

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Roomi
No medicine can cure 'ya, stupid!

Before Battle (default/hold B)
Come on, Don't be vain, and up here now!

Before Battle (hold A)
How 'bout a little scrap with me, eh?

Win Quote (default/hold B)
Hey, I'm bored. Anybody else?

Win Quote (hold A)
Phew!...I was about to lose!

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