Sakura Kasugano (Super Street Fighter 4) says...
Training is fun if you set your mind to a specific goal to work toward!
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(CPU) Before Battle with Dandy-J
Hey..., you're in my way.

(CPU) Before Battle with Rai
Hey kid! Keep out of it, OK!

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Dandy-J
You'll never beat me up,

Before Battle with Fernandez
Here's the legendary place...

Before Versus Battle (as challenger)

Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
I'll do my best! Fight with me!

Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Luck is a part of the game! Let me take it!

Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Ready for this? You can't win!

Before Versus Battle (as defender)
If you bore me, I'll leave you alone!

Win Quote

Win Quote vs. CPU Bonus-Kun
I'll put you on display in the museum!

Win Quote vs. CPU Dandy-J
Good-bye, copycat!

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