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(CPU) Before Battle with Dandy-J
Intruders! Give up and let me arrest you!

(CPU) Before Battle with Mauru
What a fierce animal! Oh, no! Set the girl free!

(CPU) Before Battle with Politank-Z
I'm the one and only in this world!

(CPU) Before Battle with Rai
Stop it! Don't play around here, kid!

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Arina
You're just an obstacle in the street!

Before Battle with Fernandez
Yes, yes, yes! Balls, balls, balls!

Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
Testing!! I'll ask for your cooperation!

Before Versus Battle (as challenger)

Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
The death sentence for you!

Before Versus Battle (as challenger)
POLITANK-Z is moving off! Don't get in the way!

Before Versus Battle (as defender)
Yes! You're guilty of interfering with my duties!

Win Quote vs. CPU Bonus-Kun
Whew! What a log! Now I have to remove it!

Win Quote vs. CPU Politank-Z
It's the task of POLITANK-Z to defeat evil!

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