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Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
a.k.a. Choujin Gakuen Gowcaizer (JPN)
Chun-Li (Marvel vs Capcom 3) says...
That's enough. Surrender now!
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(CPU) Defeated
Don't you get my moves?

During Continue Countdown
I'm not stopping here.

Win Quote vs. Brider
Nice costume!

Win Quote vs. Captain Atlantis
Shape up yourself!

Win Quote vs. Fudomaru
How strange? I can't understand you.

Win Quote vs. Gowcaizer
Next time, I'm gonna kill you.

Win Quote vs. Marion
Can't you understand my beauty?

Win Quote vs. Platonic Twins
Hey babe, how pretty you are!

Win Quote vs. Shaia
Let's go on a date sometime.

Win Quote vs. Shenlong
You'll get hurt.

Win Quote vs. Stinger
You can't do the same thing.

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