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Power Instinct Series

a.k.a. Gouketuji Gaiden Saikyou Densetsu (JPN)
Ralf Jones (King of Fighters 11, The) says...
Hey, that's enough writhing in pain! Attention! 'Bout right! Dismissed!
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Angela Belti

Win Quote vs. Annie
C'mon, tell me! Who is it?!

Win Quote vs. ChinNen
I'm one step closer to my dream!

Win Quote vs. Keith
Well, that was just too easy!

Win Quote vs. Kintaro
It looks like you're out of luck!

Win Quote vs. Kurara/Oume and Otane
You just got too cocky for your own good!

Win Quote vs. Oume/Saizo and Poochy
I really feel sorry for you. You have my sympathy.

Win Quote vs. Sahad
You're quite a man, Sahad.

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