Schwarzerblitz Dialogue

Andrea "Jens" Demetrio


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Donner Misterkay

Match Start
What about dying?

Match Start vs. Arkaneis
I'm not your tool. Not anymore.

Match Start vs. Donner
Step aside, I'm the original!

Match Start vs. Johnson
Oh, look. A flawed prototype.

Match Start vs. Johnson
You are incomplete.

Match Start vs. Kaya
Kaya, don't do this!

Match Start vs. Kaya
Kaya, DON'T!

Match Start vs. Kiyoko
Kiyoko, please...

Match Start vs. Lejl
I don't fear the night.

Match Start vs. Lejl
I am the real darkness.

Match Start vs. Skeleton
Hello, Ange. Long time no see...

Match Start vs. Skeleton
So, you haven't understood, have you?

Win Quote

Win Quote (match) vs. Arkaneis
I want to save this world for them.

Win Quote (match) vs. Kaya
Kaya... Kiyoko...

Win Quote (match) vs. Kiyoko
... may my sins be forgiven.

Win Quote (match) vs. Kiyoko/Kaya
I refuse to end your life...

Win Quote (single round) vs. Arkaneis
Our time has run out, Arkaneis.

Win Quote (single round) vs. Kiyoko/Kaya
Please, I... I can't stand this!

Win Quote vs. Arkaneis
I have chosen my path.

Win Quote vs. Kiyoko/Kaya
Please, stop! I don't want to do this!

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