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Battle Arena Toshinden Series

MG Hikaru (Chaos Code) says...
Looks like you were one step behind my burning spirit!
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Win Quote vs. Eiji (Game Boy)
You are weak. Expectations too high?

Win Quote vs. Ellis (Game Boy)
I wasn't too hard on you. Are you OK?

Win Quote vs. Gaia (Game Boy)
You don't have a perfect command of that armor.

Win Quote vs. Gaia II (Game Boy)
I am really strong!

Win Quote vs. Kayin (Game Boy)
Weak! Too weak!

Win Quote vs. Mondo (Game Boy)
You look a little older!

Win Quote vs. Rungo (Game Boy)
The weak were not asked to join this battle.

Win Quote vs. Sho (Game Boy)
Sho, you are becoming stronger as you fight.

Win Quote vs. Sofia (Game Boy)
Women should be more than pretty.

Win Quote vs. Uranus (Game Boy)
Everybody can only imitate the style.

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