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Battle Arena Toshinden Series

Shuma-Gorath (Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter) says...
I am the eye of the storm to come!
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Sho Shinjo
Win Quote

Win Quote vs. Duke (Game Boy)
Huh! I don't like a boy like you.

Win Quote vs. Eiji (Game Boy)
Eiji! You forgot what I taught you?

Win Quote vs. Ellis (Game Boy)
You should thank me!

Win Quote vs. Gaia II (Game Boy)
Only with your armor off can you beat me.

Win Quote vs. Kayin (Game Boy)
Kayin! You have a long way to go.

Win Quote vs. Mondo (Game Boy)
Go home quickly!

Win Quote vs. Rungo (Game Boy)

Win Quote vs. Sofia (Game Boy)
Not as skillful as rumored.

Win Quote vs. Uranus (Game Boy)
Good fight, Uranus!

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