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Battle Arena Toshinden Series

Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale) says...
Mr. Zurkon does not come in peace.
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Win Quote vs. Duke (Game Boy)
Chivalry isn't great, is it?

Win Quote vs. Eiji (Game Boy)
You look too young to use that sword!

Win Quote vs. Ellis (Game Boy)
Won't you give me that costume?

Win Quote vs. Fo (Game Boy)
You are destined to be beaten by me!

Win Quote vs. Gaia II (Game Boy)
Very funny to pretend to faint.

Win Quote vs. Mondo (Game Boy)
I hate the vulgarian.

Win Quote vs. Rungo (Game Boy)
With that costume on, you can't win.

Win Quote vs. Sho (Game Boy)
Your skill is excellent!

Win Quote vs. Sofia (Game Boy)
Let me have a better look at you.

Win Quote vs. Uranus (Game Boy)
It's nice that I beat you.

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