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Battle Arena Toshinden Series

Geese Howard (SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom) says...
Now beat it! I've no business with wimps!
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Gaia (Armor)
Win Quote vs. Duke (Game Boy)
This armor can't be torn by such a small sword.

Win Quote vs. Eiji (Game Boy)
You are just like an ant in front of this armor.

Win Quote vs. Ellis (Game Boy)
With this armor on, I'm matchless.

Win Quote vs. Fo (Game Boy)
Old man! Give me that claw.

Win Quote vs. Gaia II (Game Boy)
Without this armor on, you can do nothing!

Win Quote vs. Kayin (Game Boy)
Is that really Storm?

Win Quote vs. Mondo (Game Boy)
You accepted a request again?

Win Quote vs. Rungo (Game Boy)
Why don't you work with me?

Win Quote vs. Sho (Game Boy)
Ho, ho, ho, ... Nothing can break this armor.

Win Quote vs. Sofia (Game Boy)
This armor is not at all affected by your whip.

Win Quote vs. Uranus (Game Boy)
You have wings?

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