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Soul Edge Series

a.k.a. SoulCalibur VI, Soul Calibur VI
Terry Bogard (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2) says...
What's the matter with you? Try harder!
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Cassandra Alexandra
Achelous' Strike
Have a taste... of this!

Achelous' Strike vs. Sophitia
Not holding back!

Argos Drive (charged)
Are you ready?

Argos Drive (charged)
No escape!

Centaur Smash

Character Select
Prepare to be amazed!

Cherub Cyclone
Time for a shock!

Gaia Quake
Enough playing!

Heavenly Strike
You're mine!

Keraunos' Bolt

Keraunos' Bolt
Hope this works!

Keraunos' Bolt
Good luck!

Match Start
I'm gonna go all out!

Match Start vs. Sophitia
Ah! Sister?! Why are you here?

Meteor Shower
Come on! You're done!

Reversal Edge vs. Sophitia
I can't go home yet!

Reversal Edge vs. Sophitia
I'll explain later!

Seraphim Blade Twist
Get up!

Soul Charge
Now I'm mad!

Fighter Select

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