Sean (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) says...
Tell me who just rocked your world with skill!
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Single Round Win
Don't waste my time.

Single Round Win
Your only hope is surrender.

Single Round Win
Rethink your strategy.

Single Round Win vs. Bane
Bad batch of Venom, Bane?

Single Round Win vs. Dr. Fate
The helm's blinding you, Kent.

Single Round Win vs. Robin
Unusually sloppy, Damian.

Single Round Win vs. Robin
You're dead to me.

Single Round Win vs. Supergirl
I'm not your enemy, Kara.

Single Round Win vs. Superman
You're going back to jail.

Single Round Win vs. Superman
There's no peace in revenge.

Single Round Win vs. The Joker
Finding it hard to smile?

Straight Grapple
Your move.

Straight Grapple vs. Aquaman
Something wrong, Arthur?

Straight Grapple vs. Brainiac
You're leaving, Brainiac.

Straight Grapple vs. Wonder Woman
It's over, Diana.

Super Move

Throw vs. Poison Ivy
Your move, Isley.

Throw vs. Poison Ivy
You're wilting, Pamela.

Throw vs. The Joker
It's not funny, is it?

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