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Koihime Enbu
a.k.a. 恋姫†演武
Akuma (Tekken 7) says...
These fists know no equal. You are powerless.
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Shuutai Youhei

Win Quote
I won for Sun Wu!

Win Quote vs Bachou Mouki (CPU)
Whoever harms Master Kitty shall burn in hell!

Win Quote vs Chohi Yokutoku
Fighting is not only about power.

Win Quote vs Cho'un Shiryu
Maybe you're too pressured.

Win Quote vs Gakushin Bunken
I praise your bravery in fighting me unarmed.

Win Quote vs Gakushin Bunken (CPU)
I did it Master Sonken! I've defeated Master Gakushin!

Win Quote vs Kan'u Uncho (CPU)
I won! My love for Master Kitty made me win!

Win Quote vs Ryofu Hosen
I was honored by my great victory!

Win Quote vs Sonken Chubo
I'm sorry... I won.

Win Quote vs Sousou Motoku
Milady Sonken can praise me now!

Win Quote vs Sousou Motoku (CPU)
I did it, milady. Shōkō! I won!

Win Quote vs. Bachou Mouki
So this is the meathead I've heard about.

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