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Koihime Enbu
a.k.a. 恋姫†演武
Taurus Aldebaran (Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers) says...
Don't underestimate a Gold Saint!
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Pending Submissions
Kakoton Genjo
Match Start vs Kakoen Myosai
Let's go, Qiulan!

Win Quote vs Chohi Yokutoku (CPU)
Hahaha! You're just a brat! Come back another time.

Win Quote vs Cho'un Shiryu (CPU)
Give up now? I've taken revenge for Gakushin!

Win Quote vs Gakushin Bunken
Huh! You aren't good enough to defeat me!

Win Quote vs Gakushin Bunken (CPU)
Do you understand now? This is all you've got.

Win Quote vs Ryofu Hosen (CPU)
Huh! Shame on you! 100-power isn't a big deal!

Win Quote vs. Kakoen Myosai
Good. Qiulan has got a lot better.

Win Quote vs. Sonshoko
Play in children's section, lassie!

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