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Mortal Kombat Series

NetherRealm Studios
Valentine (Skullgirls) says...
...side effects include nausea, headaches, and DEATH!
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Special Moves
Chain Sparks +
Leatherface puts the chainsaw to the ground and causes sparks to come from it.
Low Saw +
Low rushing saw attack.
Psycho Kutter +
Overhead attack with the chainsaw.
High Saw +
Anti-air chainsaw.
Spinning Saw +
Double turning horizontal saw attack.
[(Low) Pretty Lady] Saw Toss +(air)
Leatherface throws the chainsaw.
[(Up) Pretty Lady] +
[Butcher] Blood Bath +
Leatherface jams the chainsaw into the opponent's gut and lifts them, running it for a second before ...
[Butcher] Skull Smash +
Leatherface grabs the opponent and bashes them with a mallet.
[Butcher] Mallet Strike +
Leaping overhead mallet smash.
[Butcher] Gut Slice +
Slice in the gut with the chainsaw.
[Killer] Berserker Stance +
Leatherface starts the engine on his chainsaw and is placed in an unmovable stance which gives him n ...
[Pretty Lady] Saw Toss +(air)
Leatherface throws the chainsaw.
Super Moves
Blood 'n' Guts +
Leatherface jams the chainsaw into his opponent's stomach and leaves it running vertical while it ch ...

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