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Erron Black
Command Moves
Spur Punch +
Erron's uppercut.
Special Moves
Sand Grenade +
Erron rolls a glass grenade of magic sand at the opponent.
Sand Slide +
Double-footed slide attack.
Caltrops +
Erron tosses some caltrops on the ground, which cause damage to the opponent if they touch them.
Sand Gust +
Erron shoots a sand grenade in his hand, spilling it in front of him, acting as a pop-up and anti-ai ...
Sand Trap +
Erron tackles the opponent and unloads a few shots in their face.
[Gunslinger] Stand Off +
Erron stands still with his hands near his holsters, allowing some quick shot options.
[Gunslinger] Money Shot +
Erron tosses a coin into the air and ricochets a shot off of it.
[Marksman] Unload +
Erron walks backward and pumps out three shots.
[Marksman] Swing Shot +
Erron knocks the opponent into the air with his rifle.
[Marksman] Long Shot +
Erron crouches and takes aim with a rifle, firing off a shot when the attack button is released or a ...
[Outlaw] Sand Toss +
Erron throws an upward arc of sand.
[Outlaw] Tarkatan Stab +
Erron stabs the opponent in the gut with a severed Tarkatan arm's blade, then jabs them in the chest ...
Super Moves
Trick Shot +
Erron tosses a sand grenade at the opponent's feet and shoots it, then fires a bullet with their nam ...

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