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Mortal Kombat Series

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Akuma (Street Fighter 3: Third Strike) says...
You've fulfilled your purpose in life by allowing me to end it!
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Jacqui Briggs
Special Moves
Air Ground Smash (in air)+
Jacqui drops down from the air to punch the ground and damage close enemies.
Air Fake Out (in air)+
Jacqui pretends to do the Air Ground Smash but just drops from the sky faster than normal.
Forces Rush +
Jacqui performs a dashing punch and follows through behind her opponent, turning around and shooting ...
Bionic Dash +
Running uppercut.
Gauntlet Strike +
A rushing punch which turns into a punch auto-combo if it hits.
Tech Shield +
Absorbs projectiles.
[Full Auto] Up Rocket +
Two rockets shot up at an angle which twirl in a helix shape.
[Full Auto] Low Rocket +
Fires a rocket at the ground from her gauntlet.
[Full Auto] Hand Cannon +
Mini-gun shots from her gauntlet.
[High Tech] Gauntlet Spark +
Jacqui clashes her gauntlets together and encases them in an electric field, causing her punch-based ...
[High Tech] Quick Burst +
Jacqui blasts a quick-range pulse from her gauntlets. Can be charged up to two additional "levels" o ...
[Shotgun] Low Blow +
Downward diagonal shotgun gauntlet blast.
[Shotgun] Single Barrel +
Shotgun gauntlet blast to the face.
Super Moves
Chest Kavity +
Jacqui starts with a Bionic Dash into an uppercut, then rapid punches to the torso, another uppercut ...

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