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Sub-Zero (II)
Special Moves
Ice Burst +
Sub-Zero creates a ball of ice in his hand and shatters it with the other, blasting damaging ice aro ...
[Cryomancer] Air Frost Hammer (in air)+
Sub-Zero drops from the air with an ice hammer held below him.
[Cryomancer] Frost Hammer +
Sub-Zero conjures a hammer out of ice and swings it downward for a devastating overhead blow.
[Cryomancer] Polar Puncture +
Sub-Zero grabs his opponent, then jabs them several times with ice daggers before stabbing them into ...
[Grandmaster] Klone Toss +
Sub-Zero throws his Ice Klone at the opponent for a large damaging projectile.
[Unbreakable] Barrier of Frost +
A shield is placed in front of Sub-Zero which freezes foes on physical impact.
[Unbreakable] Frozen Aura +
A thin layer of frost coats Sub-Zero's body, and in this state, he takes no chip damage, Ice Burst d ...
Slide + [Preview]
Ice Ball + [Preview]
[Grandmaster] Ice Clone + [Preview]
Super Moves
Deep Freeze +
Can be delayed by holding Flip Stance and Block, or canceled by dashing.

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