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Mortal Kombat Series

NetherRealm Studios
Maxi (Soul Calibur 2) says...
So, you want me to knock you out?
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Special Moves
Rising Thunder
[(Above) Master of Storms] Static Trap +
Raiden places an electric orb in the stage. The opponent will slowly take damage whilst touching it. ...
[(Behind) Master of Storms] +
[Master of Storms] +
Flying Thunder God (air)
Raiden stretches out vertically and rushes in mid-air toward the opponent, striking the opponent wit ...
Lightning Bolt
Raiden puts his hands together and fires off a bolt of electricity.
Vicinity Blast
A close-range lightning attack, chargeable by holding down the button. Once it gains maximum power, ...
Lightning Shock
Raiden grabs his foe and lifts them up, electocuting them.
[Displacer] Static Teleport
Position can be directed by pressing backward or forward before appearing, or Raiden can appear in t ...
Super Moves
Shock Therapy +
Raiden hits his foe with electricity, then teleports behind them and elbows them in the spine. He te ...

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