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Mortal Kombat Series

NetherRealm Studios
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Quan Chi
Special Moves
[Sorceror] Black Magic
[Sorceror] Final Hex
[Sorceror] Dark Curse
[Summoner] Demon Spawn
[Summoner] Demon Strike
[Summoner] Demon Spark +
[Summoner] Demon Grab
[Summoner] Rising Demon +
[Warlock] Portal Grab
Quan Chi causes the opponent to walk slowly toward him like a zombie, setting them up for an attack.
Ground Burst
A burst of light from the ground.
Skull Toss (air)
Fired from the head now
Body Stomp
Quan Chi teleports and lands on the opponent, tap-dancing on them.
Super Moves
Skull Krusher

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