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Liu Kang
Command Moves
[Flame Fist] Windmill Punch +
Advancing rapid short-range punches.
Rising Flower +
Standard issue uppercut while rising from a crouch.
[Dragon's Fire] Dragon Fire +/
High version can be done in the air. Ground high version can be delayed by holding Attack 1, and can ...
Special Moves
Dragon's Roar +
Advancing backhand.
[Dualist] Metamorphosis +
Switches Liu between Yin stance and Yang stance, or vice versa.
[Dualist/Yang] Soul Sphere +/
High version can be done in air.
[Dualist/Yang] Yang +(hold)
Temporary damage buff. Buff can be increased by charging the move with Attack 1.
[Dualist/Yin] Solar Flare +/
High version can be done in air.
[Dualist/Yin] Yin +(hold)
Liu waves his hands around and regains health as long as the attack button is held. Can be dash-canc ...
[Flame Fist] Shaolin Flame +
Liu sets his hands on fire, temporary buffing the damage of his punches.
Fireball +/
High version can be done in the air.
Flying Kick +
Liu Kang launches forth with foot outstretched.
Bicycle Kick +
Liu launches forward through the air, pedaling his feet to strike the foe.
[Flame Fist] Parry +
Liu gets into a stance, and if he is hit, he teleports behind the opponent in a plume of flame and s ...
Super Moves
For the Shaolin +
Bone-breaking foot and hand strikes.

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