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Kung Lao
Command Moves
Torpedo Kick / Air Dive Kick, Dive Kick (in air)+
Lao dives down from above with a devastating kick.
Special Moves
Upward Grinder +
High vertical hat toss which grinds into the foe on contact.
[Hat Trick] Hat Trap +
Kung Lao flings his hat and lets it simply float in place.
[Hat Trick, Away] +
[Hat Trick, High] +
[Tempest] Hat Spin +
Kung Lao puts his hat in orbit around himself, damaging the foe if they hit it.
Hat Throw / Hat Toss + [Preview]
Whirlwind / Spin + [Preview]
Wind Teleport / Teleport [Preview]
[Buzz Saw] Ground Hat / Low Grinder +
Lao tosses his hat downward and it rolls along the ground.
Super Moves
Head Trauma +
Kung Lao hits the opponent with Whirlwind Kicks, then throws his hat to stick vertically into their ...

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