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Special Moves
Air Float (in air)+
Kitana briefly keeps herself aloft with her fans.
(in air)++
Throat Slice +
Kitana leaps on the opponent and cuts their throat with one of her fans.
Rising Fan +
Kitana leaps and hits twice with her fans.
[Assassin] Princess Parry +(hold)
Kitana holds her fans out in front of her. If she is hit by a physical attack in this stance, she wi ...
[Assassin] Assassin Strike +
Kitana runs up her opponent like stairs, then drops down and stabs her opponent in the eyes with her ...
[Assassin] Sharpen +
Kitana clashes her fans together and her eyes glow for a brief period. During this time, her fan att ...
[Mournful] Staff Grab +
Kitana roots Jade's staff into the opponent's gut, then slams them on the other side of her.
[Mournful] Glaive Throw +(air)
Kitana throws a spiked projectile.
[Mournful] Shadow Kick +
Sliding kick attack.
[Royal Storm] Bounce Back +(hold)
Kitana spins in place with her fans out and reflects incoming projectiles.
[Royal Storm] Fan-Nado +
Kitana conjures a projectile whirlwind from her fans, which lifts the opponent into the air.
Fan Lift + [Preview]
Square Boost +
Kitana uses her fans to send her flying across the arena, smashing into the foe with her ass.
Fan Throw + [Preview]
(in air)++
Super Moves
Slice and Dice +(air)
A spinning fan combo that launches, followed by tossing the closed fans into her opponent's throat, ...

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