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Special Moves
[Commando] Rib Strike +
Kano grabs his foe and hits them with three knees to the ribs.
[Commando] Power Slam +
Kano grabs his foe and performs a leaping power slam.
[Cuttthroat] Power Up
Temporary damage buff at the expense at Kano's health slowly whittling away. Can be turned off by re ...
[Cybernetic] Upward Laser
Cannonball (air) [Preview]
Vertical Cannonball [Preview]
Knife Toss [Preview]
[(High) Commando] Parry +
Kano moves his arms in a catching position. If he is physically struck in this pose, he spins his op ...
[(Low) Commando] +
[Commando] Choke + [Preview]
[Cutthroat] Knife Swipe + [Preview]
[Cybernetic] Eye Laser
Kano fires a laser from his cybernetic eye.
Super Moves
Lacerater +
Kano hits his opponent hard enough to turn them around, then leaps up on them from behind to jam his ...

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