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Basic Moves
[Kuatan Warrior] Chest Lunge +
Goro lunges forward and tries to hit the opponent with his chest. If successful, he will grab them a ...
Special Moves
Punch Walk +
Goro walks toward his opponent while swinging his fists.
[(close) Tigrar Fury] Ground Fire +
Goro spits a fireball diagonally downward.
[(far) Tigrar Fury] +
[Dragon Fangs] Low Fang +
Goro his low with two of his dragon fangs on one side.
[Dragon Fangs] Fang Spin +
Spinning dragon fang strikes.
[Dragon Fangs] Shokan Stabs +
Goro grabs his opponent and stabs them multiple times with his dragon fangs, before knocking them aw ...
[Tigrar Fury] Dragon Breath +
Goro spits a stream of sweeping flame.
Flaming Fist +
Goro throws a punch that sends out a projectile shaped like his fist, with a flaming trail.
Royal Bash +
Goro grabs his foe with his lower two arms, and pounds on them with his upper arms. He then performs ...
Leaping Stomp
Trajectory can be modified by pressing backwards or forwards immediately after performing the move.
[Kuatan Warrior] Tremor Pound +
Goro slaps the ground with all four arms, causing the opponent to bounce into the air and take damag ...
[Tigrar Fury] Scorch Breath +
Goro shoots a fireball from his mouth.
Super Moves
Spine Adjustment +
Goro punches his opponent, then grabs their head with his top arms, jerking it forcefully at a painf ...

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