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Special Moves
[Hellfire] Fire Ball +
Can be delayed by holding Attack 1 or cancelled by dashing.
[Inferno] Minion Charge +
A demonic minion rushes the opponent from behind.
[Inferno] Minion Drop +
Scorpion summons a demonic minion to drop down from the sky with a kick.
[Inferno] Minion Grab +
Scorpion summons a demonic minion from a flaming portal in the ground to grab the foe and hold them ...
Shroud of Flames +
Scorpion surrounds himself in flames for a short time, causing small amounts of unblockable damage t ...
Spear [Preview]
Scorpion lowers himself to the ground and trips the opponent with his legs.
Teleport Jab (air) [Preview]
[Hellfire] Hell Fire +
A slightly longer, more damaging Demon Fire.
Super Moves
From Hell +
Can be delayed by holding Flip Stance and Block, or canceled by pressing Backward or Forward twice. ...

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