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Throw Moves
[Wrestler] Back Crack (in air)(close)+ [Preview]
Special Moves
Major Pain +
Anti-air knee.
[Heavy Weapons] L.A.W. Rocket +
Can be delayed by holding Attack 2. Can fire upward diagonally as an anti-air by aiming with Up. Can ...
[Pumped Up] Air Drill Slam (in air)+
A full-arena hitting Ground Pound from the air.
[Wrestler] Multi-Slam +, [Preview]
Fist Dash + [Preview]
Gotcha Grab + [Preview]
Sonic Boom +
Can be delayed by holding Attack 2.
Ground Pound + [Preview]
[(Up) Heavy Weapons] Machine Gun +
Jax fires off a few rounds from a machine gun.
[Heavy Weapons] +
Super Moves
Bring It +
Jax starts with a leaping double axe handle, then leads into a leaping power bomb and a suplex.

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